Nylon Brights Swatch Cards at mode...information: all 21 Colours - setting up color palettes has never been easier

  • Individual loose format nylon swatches available for all 21 colors
  • Unfolded swatch measures 4" x 8" giving vendors twice the amount of nylon fabric for optimum color visualization and instrumental evaluation
  • The loose, unbacked design allows swatches to be compared to skin tones or other materials
  • Each individual card is identified with three PANTONE Color name and number strips and is large enough to be sent to multiple locations
  • Provides the most accurate ways to specify, control, and communicate your color choices


Pantone® Nylon Brights Swatch Cards: fabric two-ply (approx. 10 x 10 cm)
£ 12.00 (net) / £ 14.40 (incl. VAT)
Please use the numerical code and add 'N', for example: 12-0645 = 120645N

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