Trendhouse Kids


What & Why

That’s why we, at Trendhouse, have designed a stylebook that is a step on from all other publications on the market. Sounding out reactions from youngsters, aged 3-12, and their millennial parents, we have arrived at a product, which brings to childrenswear the same disciplines and design kudos as demanded by the women’s and men’s designer markets. Although unique in its approach, Kidswear remains a pragmatic tool that is easy to use and adapt to companies’ existing merchandising and manufacturing systems, while still bringing something very new to design strategy.
The product is built in logical product development stages to give a clear and complete overview of what’s important in the coming season. Thanks to careful analysis, we are able to provide you with clear and precise directions and answers.

1. The Big Ideas: the mainline stories that provide the background and zeitgeist to our trends. These pages delineate the key factors that will impact the childrenswear market 18 months later.

2. Colour Overview: colour is the maker or breaker of design today: its importance in the children’s market is bigger than ever. We follow a highly professional, merchandising approach to palettes, where we highlight the core colours for your season, then add the new season hues and finish off with the high fashion pops and accents.

3. Product Overview: again, we use the vast experience of the Trendhouse team to pick out the winning and all-important items and silhouettes for the season - broken down into core, seasonal and high fashion categories.

4. Concepts for the Season: five different stories that hark back to the big ideas at the start of the product. Each concept features:

  • Influences and news pieces that support and inspire our story.
  • Look & feel guides: images to set the visual tone and design foundation of the look.
  • Colour & colour combinations: the core palettes together with suggested mixes and harmonies. Note that colour chips are provided on detachable cards that can be carried around with you to exhibitions, meetings etc.
  • Fabric selection: weaves, knits, prints, trims and accessories, with which to build your story.
  • Graphics: a specially developed section of original and fully editable print and placement graphics.
  • The outfit builds: our guide to balancing colour, print and graphics across your product range. How to mix all the ingredients of the season into your product recipe.
  • The summary: each story ends with our selection of the five absolute musts around which the look is built.

  • 5. Extras: at the back of the book we have added a folder of 16 essential prints and must-have silhouettes executed on transparent overlays that allow you to experiment with patterns, shapes, placements and looks.

    6. USB stick: we provide you with files broken done into the various stories with their individual images. We also provide, wherever possible, CADS and Vectored images for use in developing your own design approaches. There is also a complete digital edition of the product.

    Carefully selected colours are positioned throughout the book. These are dyed especially for the publication and additional work samples included. All colours have been matched to the best of our ability with the Pantone Fashion & Home colour system for ease of communication.

    * plus shipping & handling