PANTONE For Fashion & Home Cotton Passport 2100 colors New chromatic...


PANTONE For Fashion & Home Cotton Passport 2100 colors New chromatic arrangement

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New COTTON PASSPORT - your ticket to unlimited creativity!
THE NEWLY REDESIGNED COTTON PASSPORT 2,100 market-driven fashion, home and interior colors. One pocket-sized folio.
A compact, portable book displaying cotton color chips presented in a userfriendly format.
All 2,100 colors of the PANTONE® FASHION+HOME System are chromatically arranged, size 1,0 cm x 1,5 cm and permanently affixed.
Ideal for making quick color choices in the office or while travelling.
• lose wait + gain time !
Bring your ideas from design studio to store in a much shorter time frame.
• save time + save money !
Color accuracy is no longer a luxury; it is a requirement.
• relevant + comprehensive !
At mode...information and Pantone, Inc., we escort your colors through the entire development process, from that first inspiration right through to the market.
• local + global !
PANTONE® FASHION+HOME SMART Color System is an international color communication system. The products are stocked for fast delivery in over 75 countries worldwide.
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